TALK with your patients about the impact migraine may be having on their daily activities to better understand the severity of their situation

Your patients with headache may not be telling you the whole story

When people who have migraine are pushing through an attack, how they feel on the inside and how they act on the outside can be very different.

Learn more about what people with migraine are thinking during an attack:

Inside Story of Migraine

The main question you should ask your patients is: How many days in a month does headache impact your life?

Gain clarity as you TALK with your patients. Recommend VEGA to your patients today.

VEGA is a medication-agnostic, digital migraine management platform designed for people living with migraine to record the details needed to help facilitate more informed migraine treatment discussions with their providers. VEGA will allow your patients to log details about their migraine days “in the moment” using the smartphone app and share relevant details with you during or between visits.

Share this link with your patients to get them started on VEGA: